Green fencing in our sights

Green, greener, greenest. These days, combating pollution, or just cleaning up the world we live in, is increasingly being seen as a motto for life. Not only in The Hague, but fortunately increasingly more often in all Dutch industry and households. And also in the fencing industry.

Heras Mobile Fencing & Security (MF&S) invests energy in a better climate by dedicating itself to sustainable operational management. That begins with making the right choices. We make our contribution to society, as humble as it may be, by realizing drastic reductions in our CO2 emissions, our energy consumption and our waste streams.

When the penny drops

In 2010 Heras MF&S also formulated the goal of reducing the amount of CO2 it emits by at least 20% within 10 years (measured by production). What does that mean in practice? The CO2 footprints for the entire product and process chains have been mapped out. Energy consumption and waste streams are also reduced, where possible.

Heras MF&S invests in sound production locations and process innovations. Trade organisations chose Heras MF&S as the best ‘SHE employer’ of 2013. Heras MF&S is the only temporary fencing and building site security company in Europe to ascend to Level 3 on the CO2 performance ladder.



Seeing is believing

Our goal is a CO2 reduction of a minimum of 2% per year. A realistic goal? We think so! Transparency in our organisation and in those of our partners leads to CO2 reduction in the chain. The trucks and leased cars, for example, are equipped with more intelligent systems (for example, start-stop systems), they monitor consumption and driving behaviour and, when replaced, they must comply with strict environmental standards.

The three European production locations are equipped to realize production targets as efficiently as possible. Energy and CO2 reductions are achieved with innovative techniques and smart planning.

Individual interests

Heras MF&S informs and convinces its own employees, where possible, to handle issues such as energy consumption in a responsible manner. The road is long, people often say. But if you don't start walking, you'll end up nowhere. Right?

Challenge us to work together with you on a green sector and a green world. Please contact us, at no obligation, to discuss your challenges.

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Posted by Arjan Zegelaar on 07 June 2016
Operations Director at Heras Mobile Fencing & Security