Heras Mobile is the first construction fence manufacturer with EPD certification

Heras Mobile Fencing & Security is the first temporary fencing manufacturer with an EPD certification. This continues our mission to not only deliver quality, but also to market responsible and sustainable products. We also make it easier for our customers to compare products. In this blog you can read more about the EPD certification and its impact on our products.

What exactly does EPD certification entail?

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a calculation of the environmental impact of a product. An analysis is made of the entire life cycle of such a product: from raw materials to final recycling or disposal - with transport and production also taken into account. The exact environmental burden is calculated for each stage a product goes through. Each component is assigned one grade based on environmental burden. These numbers added together is the final MKI score - or EPD score. The higher the score, the more harmful the product is to the environment.


Impact of EPD certification on the production process

For Heras Mobile, the choice to work with EPD certification is not only due to market demand. It is also influenced by the intrinsic motivation to look critically at the life cycle and production process of construction fences. Because EPD certification maps this out so clearly, choices can be made to make the production process significantly more sustainable. The sustainability choices made using EPD certification are then actually based on something and add immediate value. It also provides complete transparency to customers about a product's production process and the improvements made to it. This allows Heras Mobile, and any other EPD-certified company, to effectively show what it is doing.


Why is EPD certification important?

The environmental agreements of 2030 or 2050 have agreed to that the governments must purchase sustainably. To this end, organizations use the national environmental database that contains the EPDs of numerous products. This makes it easy to compare quality, costs and EQIs and make the most sustainable choice on that basis.

Thus, EPD certification brings multiple benefits:

  • EPD certification responds to the market trend of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. More and more people are asking for EPD certification.
  • EPDs make the production process of a product transparent and expose where improvements can be made.
  • It offers companies a chance to communicate honestly about a product.
  • When a product with EPD certification is included in the environmental database, it also brings financial benefits when government agencies choose to work with this product.

Would you like to receive the EPD certification of one of our products? Send an email to info@heras-mobile.com and indicate which product(s) you would like to receive the certification for.

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