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By using temporary fences, gates, and accessories from Heras Mobile, you enhance the safety of visitors, staff, artists, and VIPs during your event. Our fences also play an important role in regulating the flow of visitors.

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Installation of the right mobile fences ensures:

  • the freer flow of crowd

  • the safety of visitors, staff, and artists

  • limited nuisances and traffic disruptions

  • that no unauthorized persons can access the site

  • good accessibility for employees, suppliers, and emergency services

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Yves Spooren

International Account Manager

"Fences from Heras Mobile help manage large flows of people and logistics services, creating a safe environment for all."


Heras Mobile invented the mobile fence. And to this day, we are pioneers in terms of innovation, quality, safety, and durability.


At Heras Mobile, we have more than 50 years of experience in temporary fencing. This makes us a premium partner.


Durability and sustainability genuinely take center stage in our products and relationships and our support in terms of Health, Safety & Environment.

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No request or challenge is too big for us. Honesty is our trump card in everything we do.

Event security ensures that crowds move safely during your event

Fencing plays a vital role in any security plan. Fences shield stages and private areas, while visitors are still easy to reach and approach by security and emergency services. Joined fencing ensures the safety of everyone on the event site. This applies to all events, from a local cycling race or the Grand Prix to a festival such as Tomorrowland.

From escape gates to finish barriers, joined fencing guarantees the success of any event. The right fencing ensures that visitors enter a site with peace of mind and experience an event as relaxing entertainment.

A site plan gives you a complete overview of the various activities, ranging from stages to parking areas. This is an excellent way to identify the bottlenecks in the arrival and departure of visitors. A well-thought-out site plan guides us in putting together your custom fencing plan. This gives you a better idea of how many fences and escape gates you need, where, and their type.

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Yves Spooren

International Account Manager

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Yves Spooren
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Event-proof solutions

While there may be some exceptions, these fences and accessories are suitable for virtually any event site.


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