Managing the safety of drivers and fans during Formula 1

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“The Formula One Grand Prix is an international event that attracts millions of fans each year. Our dealers are happy to think along to help manage the safety around the Formula 1 circuits. After all, such a huge event comes with great responsibility.”

Michiel van der Velden

Anyone who has ever visited the Grand Prix circuits sees tons of crowd control barriers that keep out unwanted visitors. At the same time, the many kilometers of fencing serves to ensure the safety of both drivers and fans. The fences of Heras Mobile play a prominent role in the security plan of Formula 1 organizers. From escape gates to finish barriers, joined fencing guarantees that Formula 1 runs smoothly.

A behind-the-scenes look

The security of Formula 1 circuits must be suitable for different purposes. The fence must provide an excellent infrastructure for visitors, drivers, and vehicles while keeping out unwanted visitors. Moreover, the terrain enclosure must be easy to install and move because the security needs of the organizers may change. At the same time, the fencing must be installed in such a way that visitors cannot move it. Van der Velden: “We are proud to contribute to all security measures. It’s a great feeling to see our Heras mobile fences on television.”

Heras Mobile’s crowd control barriers ensure a smooth flow to the stands. The strategic placement of crowd control barriers and clear signage, among other things, help guide fans to their seats or area. In the event of a disaster, the clear perimeter ensures that emergency services and visitors can enter and exit the site quickly without being compromised.

F1 festival Marseille
Ensuring the safety of drivers and fans

Clear barriers are essential at sporting events such as Formula 1.

Our dealers know exactly how to manage large crowds at sporting events with Heras mobile fences.

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Optimal security for the Formula 1 Festival too

For the first time in years, a Formula 1 race was held at the Paul Richard circuit in 2018. Since there weren’t that many seats for the Grand Prix, a large and free promotional event was organized in Marseille. Each stage of the Grand Prix was broadcast live so fans could follow the race during this festival. Heras Mobile’s mobile fences were used once again to ensure optimum safety for the visitors and keep unwanted visitors out.

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