Loading and unloading fencing: safety first

It is generally understood that safety comes first. This is no different when loading and unloading fencing. Ensure safety at precisely this point is important. Safety regulations have been drawn up to ensure the safety of people and cargo. These regulations must be observed so that no dangerous situations arise when loading and unloading fencing.

Roel Meuldijk, safety expert for Heras Mobile, on safety when loading and unloading: “Speed is important but certainly not the most important thing; that’s safety!”

The only way to prevent accidents is by observing the safety regulations.

Posted on 24 June 2019 by Roel Meuldijk    Bouwhek mogelijkheden

The Fence Lifting Tool: the most convenient tool for fences

The paperclip. Velcro. The Post-It Note. All ‘accidental’, simple inventions about which everyone thought at the time of their introduction, why didn’t we think of this before… Think of those seemingly simple solutions that really make life easier. Heras Mobile has added a tool to this category: the Fence Lifting Tool. Justifiably the most convenient tool for fences.

Posted on 20 June 2019 by Joost van der Pas    ProjectbeveiligingBouwhek mogelijkheden

Hire a fence on the construction site

Safety on the construction site is becoming increasingly important. For many construction companies, working safely in a quiet setting come first. Mobile fences play an important role in this. This article explains why hiring a fence directly contributes to a positive working climate on the construction site. Plus, we will explain the various types of mobile fencing that can be hired.

Posted on 19 June 2019 by Ruud Verhagen    Bouwhek mogelijkheden

Noise Control Barrier: How less noise will yield more for you!

Heras Mobile’s Noise Control Barrier not only reduces noise pollution for local residents. When you use this sound-proof fencing, you also meet the requirements for obtaining a permit, preventing absenteeism due to illness, or can create low-noise sections where necessary. For example at First Aid stations, backstage, VIP rooms, or in catering areas, or when noise reduction is required on the construction site when jackhammers or generators are used. The Noise Control Barrier is easily and quickly installed close to a sound source, reducing noise by approximately 17 dB.

Posted on 15 June 2019 by Ruud Verhagen    Bouwhek mogelijkheden

Noise Control Barriers optimise the success of your event or festival

The locals are happy to wish the organisers of an event or festival good luck. But do you, as an organiser, grant them their relative peace and refrain from intentionally forcing your music or other sounds on them? The installation of sound barriers in noise-sensitive areas helps in this respect.

In this blog post, we would like to tell you how noise pollution can completely overshadow an event or festival for those living in the vicinity. But even more, we want to explain how these complaints, which can weigh heavily on the success of an event, can be prevented easily by using Noise Control Barrier fencing.

Posted on 11 June 2019 by Yves Spooren    Veilig & duurzaam werken

Crowd control barriers corral large crowds at food truck festivals

Food truck festivals are a new kind of festival which have been experiencing overwhelming numbers of visitors in recent years. In short, food rocks! The trucks and their culinary delights, contemporary entertainment, musical entertainment, and entourage deserve the credits for this. But don’t forget the backstage roles as well, like the function of crowd control barriers. All of these festivals use crowd control barriers to ensure the safety of visitors. By hiring crowd control barriers, you make sure that all that food goes down smoothly. 

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A safe sporting event with crowd control barriers

Every year, many sporting events take place in every country, outside the regular sports competitions. These include the big crowd-pullers like the Berlin or New York Marathon, European Championship, or World Cup Football, or even the Olympic Games. But smaller, national events are often also well attended. Organising such a sporting event involves a lot of work. What should not be missing is the determination of the objective, target group, catering, and budget. Also bear in mind that crowd control barriers are needed to steer the sporting event in the right direction.  There is a lot of work to be done to ensure the safety of both visitors and athletes. How do you steer this in the right direction?

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Top eight most common construction site problems

Permits that are not forthcoming or theft of materials are just a couple of the construction-related problems that can cause you headaches. Familiarise yourself with the eight typical problems on the construction site that lead to frustrations and failure costs and the solutions to prevent them.

Posted on 24 May 2019 by Ruud Verhagen    ProjectbeveiligingRegelgeving & voorschriften