Construction site equipment is important for optimal access to the construction site

You not only want to secure the construction site, but also gain insight into who is present on the site. For this reason, construction sites are completely fenced off and access is only possible via control at gates. To use these gates in the best possible way, the construction site must be designed as well as possible.

Why is good site equipment important?

Every construction site is unique. This means that careful thought must be given beforehand to how it should be set up. Moreover, site layout is important for a functional and safe construction site. The main contractor is responsible for everyone present at the construction site, even if they are not construction personnel. It goes without saying, therefore, that unauthorized persons should not enter the construction site. In addition, to prevent vandalism and theft, you also want to secure a temporary construction site.

To ensure the safety of the construction site and to secure it, effective control is necessary. To achieve this, proper construction site layout is very important. After all, if the construction site layout is not properly arranged, you will not get the most out of the access gates.


What should you pay attention to for efficient site access?

We often see contractors aiming to close off the construction site through temporary fencing. However, in some areas, unauthorized people are more likely to accidentally enter the construction site or look out of curiosity. In that case, access gates are recommended. 

There is also a distinction between personnel access and vehicle access. With personnel access, for example, it is important to look at the influx of construction workers. Where do they park and how do they enter the construction site? With vehicle access, you pay attention to things like the turning radius for trucks and the location for the entrance and exit for freight traffic. This also ultimately determines which components are suitable for achieving access. For example, a sliding fence gate needs space in width where a swing gate needs it in length.

It is also common to use a personal protective equipment (PPE) free zone. This is a zone within the construction site where you do not yet enter the construction site itself - no safety regulations apply here and is ideal for receiving suppliers, visitors and new employees. In addition, this zone is also often used as a car park. Of course, you should also take this into account when planning the construction site.


Solutions for regulating persons and vehicles

Depending on the construction site, there are various applications that enable access control. Most importantly, they must be reliable, durable, fast and simple to implement.

  • Pedestrian gate: when there should be regulated access, in most cases a pedestrian gate is used. This allows persons to enter the construction site safely.
  • Emergency gate: in the event of an emergency, everyone must leave the premises quickly, safely and in a controlled manner. Emergency gates exist for this purpose. 
  • Vehicle gate round top: this gate makes is visually clear where the entrance to your site is. This allows vehicles to enter and leave site whilst keeping the site secure. 
  • Sliding fence gate: this consists of a construction set containing all parts required to make a sliding gate in the existing temporary fencing line. 
  • Swing gate: this gate swings smoothly, giving pedestrians and vehicles optimale space to enter the site. Moreover. it is difficult to pry open the gate, which ensures maximum safety.


How do you set up your construction site equipment?

Heras Mobile supports you with site layout and access set-up. By taking the environment into account, the best set-up is determined to achieve the desired result. Would you like to know which options you have for keeping unauthorized persons away from the site and regulating traffic optimally? Make an appointment with our advisers and learn how to make optimal use of access gates for your construction site.

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