Sliding fence construction set

A simple, safe and stable sliding gate based on temporary fencing

Sliding fence construction set
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A simple, safe and stable sliding gate based on a mobile fence

The Heras sliding gate construction is made of temporary fencing that moves over rails. It is a construction set containing all the parts required to make a sliding gate in the existing temporary fencing line. This provides pedestrians or vehicles quick access to construction sites. It can also be used as an emergency exit. It is also possible to put 2 mobile fences against each other to vary the opening size from 3.50 metres to 7 metres. A sliding mobile fence is easy to open and close without a turning radius being required. This makes it an ideal solution for construction sites or event areas with limited space. To create a single gate, 1 temporary fencing element, 2 steel base plates, 3 wheels and 3 couplers are required.

  • Practical
  • Easy assembly
  • Economical

Why choose a mobile fence sliding gate?

Ease of use: First and foremost, sliding temporary fencing is easy to operate (when either opening or closing), which means it causes little or no distraction to construction staff. Full opening: It provides an opening for all traffic. This sliding gate can create an opening of up to 7 metres, guaranteeing that any vehicle can enter and exit the site without any problems. Space-saving: A sliding gate has no turning radius, thus saving space. Due to the sliding mechanism, the mobile fence gate does not make any cumbersome movements, hinder people or vehicles, or create an obstacle. Recognisable entry and emergency exit The temporary fencing sliding gate is a practical, safe, and recognisable entrance to your site. The sliding gate opens quickly and smoothly and creates a full opening.

Effective simplicity for creating a mobile fence gate

Whichever mobile fence you choose, it is easy to install and operate. This sliding gate can be quickly and professionally installed in gaps between temporary or semi-permanent mobile fences. Don’t forget to use a good lock with this solution. Padlocks create too much play in the temporary fencing, which is detrimental to security. We recommend the Heras mobile fence lock.

  • Art.: P0800
  • Height: 2135 mm
  • Width: 3593 mm
  • Depth: 150 mm
  • Package quantity: 0
  • Weight: 19.36 kg
  • Clear width: 3.5 m
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Sliding fence construction set

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Sliding fence construction set

A simple, safe and stable sliding gate based on temporary fencing