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“Amsterdam Airport Schiphol wants good service and a fast response time. Air traffic must not stagnate just because we don’t have our affairs in order. Passengers and air traffic control should be disturbed as little as possible.”

Yves Spooren

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, one of the busiest airports in the world, is constantly in motion. Day and night, planes depart with passengers or goods, and people are at work. Safety and security are the number one priorities at Schiphol and must be ensured 24/7. This requires the necessary flexibility. When there is damage to the fencing around the runway or a gate is defective, adequate action must be taken. It must always be 100% secure.

A challenging environment for maintenance

To transport everything and everyone safely and flawlessly from Schiphol, runway maintenance is sometimes required. To carry out that maintenance safely, the runways must be taken out of service from the rest of Schiphol. Heras Mobile supplies fencing lines that ensure that the site is only accessible to those performing the maintenance.

The runways can never be out of service for long, and there’s a lot of pressure to get the work done as quickly as possible. Our dealers are always asked to deliver the mobile fences quickly and to respond promptly if additional materials need to be delivered. Van Wissen: “In addition, the airport must always remain accessible in the event of calamities. It’s important to think carefully about where the temporary passages will be created and which mobile fences are appropriate for this purpose.”

Schiphol Heras Mobile
Schiphol Heras Mobile
Schiphol Heras Mobile
Runway maintenance

Schiphol demands that the fencing be delivered in a short period of time.

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More than just installing fencing

Because the security level is high, it involves more than just a fence with a coupler and base. Fortunately, our dealers know the risks and what to consider. To make sure everything goes smoothly, a lot of coordination is needed between the two parties in advance. This makes the fencing dealer a valuable partner for Schiphol and for us.


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