Pedestrian gate M500 (1,2 m)

Efficient pedestrian gates for temporary fencing

Pedestrian gate M500 (1,2 m)
Pedestrian gate M500 (1,2 m)-1
Pedestrian gate M500 (1,2 m)-2
Pedestrian gate M500 (1,2 m)-3

A temporary fencing pedestrian gate can be used anywhere

The pedestrian gate turns smoothly on a hinge. The tube has been shortened on one side, making a wheel unnecessary yet allowing the temporary fencing element to continue rotating above the footing. This enables the temporary fencing pedestrian gate to be quickly and easily fitted into the fence line. It is abundantly clear where access to the site is.

  • Access for people
  • User friendly

Smart solution for granting access to people

All Heras pedestrian gates are handmade. They then have a zinc layer applied. This increases the lifespan considerably. The pedestrian gate is available in several versions, which means there is always an option for one to fit seamlessly into the fence line.

Pedestrian gate as an emergency gate

The temporary fencing gate can be equipped with an escape plate and lock for extra safety. This easily and effectively creates an escape route. The gate can therefore be opened from the inside to get to the outside. But not from the outside to get in.

  • Art.: P0500
  • Height: 2000 mm
  • Width: 1180 mm
  • Mesh opening Height: 150 mm
  • Mesh opening Width: 35 mm
  • Package quantity: 25
  • Weight: 14.5 kg
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Pedestrian gate M500 (1,2 m)

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Pedestrian gate M500 (1,2 m)

Efficient pedestrian gates for temporary fencing