Construction fence in Berlin: This is how you secure your construction fence in the capital of Germany

Berlin - capital, federal state, and most populous city in Germany. Anyone who wants to drive through the city usually gets stuck in traffic. Long waiting times and nerves on edge are not uncommon here. One solution to the congestion problem is to switch to public transport or cycling. Yet, as soon as one problem is solved, a new one appears: Where do you park your bicycle in the crowded capital? To the annoyance of contractors, wheels are often tied to construction fences in Berlin. Naturally, this also causes displeasure and problems in other cities such as Münster, Hanover, Bremen, or Erlangen. This is especially the case if the mobile construction fence is to be relocated.

Protecting construction fences from more than just bicycles

Closed construction fences are mainly used in big cities like Berlin. It is precisely for this problem that Heras Mobile Fencing has developed new construction fence products for Berlin: closed construction fences and privacy screens. The mobile, closed construction fences are available with a half-height or completely closed privacy screen. This not only provides security against unwanted bicycles, but also against vandalism and unwanted graffiti. In addition, the construction fences fit wonderfully into Berlin’s streetscape.

The closed construction fences are already being used successfully in large cities such as Berlin, as well as in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam or Utrecht.


Fahraeder Berlin.jpgBerlin M800.png

Construction fences adorn Berlin

Construction fences are not only often a solution for cyclists looking for a parking space, but also for hobby artists and graffiti artists who want to spray a new surface. Heras Mobile Fencing offers special construction fences for Berlin. The construction fences are available in different variants:

M800 Privacy Screen 9010/9010
This mobile construction fence is ideal as a privacy screen and as a security precaution.
Should you prefer a permanent privacy screen, this is also possible. In this
case, no diagonal struts are used, but rather posts are buried in the ground.

M825 Privacy Screen Combi + M400 mesh
This anti-graffiti construction fence is a combination of construction fence and privacy screen. This
construction fence is highly suitable for large cities like Berlin, where graffiti is
everywhere. Therefore, construction fence the provides a clean street scene in Berlin.
The half-closed construction fences are useful not only for advertising or to keep out
parked bicycles, but also for general security. Due to the
small mesh and the plate, it is very hard for burglars and vandals to
climb over the fence. In addition, the work cannot distract drivers. At the same time,
the curious passer-by can also take a look at the construction site.

M850 Privacy Screen 1m 9010/9010
The M850 privacy screen is perfect as a barrier and as a security precaution.
In addition, it keeps dust, paint, and other material off.

Noise reduction through noise control barriers

In addition to bicycles, vandalism and theft, loud noise is a problem on many construction sites in the city. To ensure that your construction site will not be closed due to the noise, that you will receive no complaints and that your workers will be protected against loud devices, we recommend our noise control barriers. These also function as additional privacy screens and reduce construction site noise by at least 20 decibels.

If you would like more information about closed or half-height construction fences, please contact us and we will prepare for you an offer for construction fences



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Posted by Olaf Rauschenbach on 27 February 2018