ESG policy at Heras Mobile


We know exactly how to protect perimeters and keep intruders out. But when it comes to our business operations, we strive for openness and clarity. That’s why we set ourselves clear goals when it comes to governance.

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ESG policies

Training on ESG policies

Heras Mobile has several Environmental, Social and Governance policies. We are in the process of training all (new) employees to learn the necessary aspects within the scope of their work. 


ESG rating

Fair and transparent is the way we do business. We always work in accordance with the necessary laws and standards, and are CO2 Performance Ladder level 3 (Dutch standard) certified. We also want to prove our ESG impact, risk and improvement level. That is why we will be rated on those three topics by Sustainalytics.


Overview of all our ESG policies and documents


Question, ideas of suggestions?

We believe it's very important to involve everyone in our ESG ambitions, so that everyone has the opportunity to share input. That means that we are always open to your questions, ideas or suggestions.