The event industry

The event industry is extremely dynamic. Most events occur in the summer months. But, take note, changes are taking place. The number of events continues to grow and an increasing number of events on the festival schedule are taking place outside the peak months. 

Besides dance and music festivals, we are seeing an increasing number of sports events and food truck festivals. Nevertheless, you can be sure that your country really rocks during the summer!

Music festivals

All over the world we encounter music festivals, both single-day and multiple days, and free and paid. These events clearly adhere to a seasonal pattern, namely, 65% occurred in the summer from May to and including September. Another significant characteristic is that three-quarters of these festivals are paid events.

Sports events

Each year hundreds of sports events occur outside the regular sports competitions. For example, the huge crowd-pleasers, such as Marathons, Baseball leagues, Basketball games, Rugby & Football. Safety is needed and crowd management planning is of the highest importance.


The last few years we see a huge growth of food festivals, of which 87% occurred in the months of May to and including September. Food truck festivals are usually free to enter. The ambience is casual and wining & dining is key. There is usually a feeling of togetherness and safety. It is important to observe specific safety and security measures so that people will be safe and can eat and meet in peace.