Noise Control Barriers optimize the success of your event or festival

The locals are happy to wish the organisers of an event or festival good luck. But do you, as an organiser, grant them their relative peace and refrain from intentionally forcing your music or other sounds on them? The installation of sound barriers in noise-sensitive areas helps in this respect.

In this blog post, we would like to tell you how noise pollution can completely overshadow an event or festival for those living in the vicinity. But even more, we want to explain how these complaints, which can weigh heavily on the success of an event, can be prevented easily by using Noise Control Barriers.

Spring and summer are the events and festivals seasons!

Spring beckons and summer is just around the corner. It’s also time for outdoor events and festivals that often last into the wee hours of the morning. But the question arises: How can we, as organisers, prevent ourselves from forcing ‘noise pollution’ on the local residents – without having to be asked to do so? The use of Noise Control Barriers offers the solution.


Stay out of hearing range

The Netherlands is a small country. That means that the sounds we produce quickly come into other people’s hearing ranges. It is not only unheard of, but also very invasive, to let others ‘enjoy’ loud music without asking. Especially when the inconvenience continues well into the evening and night.

The law lays down provisions that protect the local residents from noise pollution.

Respect for the surrounding areas

If we want to treat the surrounding areas with respect and maintain our good relationship with the locals, we need open communication first. Tell the local residents what you anticipate the volumes of the event to be. But also tell them what you will do to prevent these sounds from causing irritation and nuisance. By talking to each other and staying in touch during the days of your event or festival, you create more understanding. If you do not do this, noise pollution can even lead to the event or festival being cancelled. And that’s the last thing you want as an organizer.


Consider the arrangement of the stages

The law lays down provisions that protect the local residents from noise pollution. It is important to take the regulations in relation to noise volumes as stipulated in the law into account right from the start of the organisational planning. This will prevent problems with the permit application. You also prevent the surrounding areas from rebelling in that phase. Make notes of the sound-sensitive locations in the design plan already and take this into account when setting up stages and other sources of sound. You may be able to adjust your stage setup or you may be able to aim sound waves in a direction where no or fewer people live. But also see where sound barriers can offer a solution.


Win-win by using Noise Control barriers

Of course, it’s not always easy to navigate between the visitors’ musical wishes the locals’ need for tranquillity. But you must understand that the noise level of 100 dB reached at concerts corresponds to the sound volume of a chainsaw or a pneumatic hammer. The Noise Control Barriers absorb sound and reduce the noise level by 32.8 decibels.


A complaints-free event

One thing is certain, however; when the audience goes home satisfied and the locals look back with reassurance on a few nice days they too could enjoy in peace, then the success of an event, for visitors, locals, and organisers alike, significantly increases. Do you want to order our Noise Control Barriers for your event? Get in touch with us: +31 499 551 508 or

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