Anti-Lift system

Anti-lift system makes it impossible to lift the fence

Anti-Lift system
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Low investment for a great effect

Heras anti-lift system makes it impossible to lift the temporary fencing out of the footing. This will ensure the only openings in the Heras fencing line are where you want them. The hook is passed under the footing. The footing is then connected to the Heras fencing using a (High Security) Heras fence clip. This creates an extra coupling link for the fence, resulting in a tight fence line. The Heras anti-lift system can be used universally. If the footing does not have an extra “hole”, a variant is available that can be placed sideways. The construction is simple, effective and has a long service life.

  • Prevents openings in the fence line
  • Universal use
  • Safe appearance

Welcome addition wards off unwanted visitors

Prevention is better than cure. Deterring unwanted visitors to the site is the logical link between what appears to be simple Heras temporary fencing and complete electronic security. Heras offers several affordable solutions that can be deployed immediately. We recommend using the Anti-Climb temporary fencing as a foundation. The Heras anti-lift system is a welcome addition when it comes to keeping out unwanted visitors.

The best security at your building site with Heras anti-lift system

If the anti-lift system is not used, it will be possible to pull the Heras fencing out of the footing, creating an opening and providing access to the site. Using the anti-lift system in combination with a High Security Heras fence clip ensures the fence line remains closed off. These High Security Heras fence clips can only be opened with a special socket key and cannot be dismantled with regular tools. If you combine the anti-lift system with anti-climb fences and fit the Heras fence clip on the side inside the site, it’s impossible to gain access to the Heras fence clip from the outside.

  • Art.: E0601
  • Height: 290 mm
  • Depth: 155 mm
  • Package quantity: 50
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
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Anti-Lift system

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Anti-Lift system

Anti-lift system makes it impossible to lift the fence