Meet Peter - Finance Department

Peter Bureau
How nice of you to participate in this interview. Can you tell us something about yourself? 

My name is Peter van Berkel. I live in Tilburg and I’m 60 years old. I’ve been working as an administrator at Heras Mobile for about 10 years. 

How did you end up at Heras Mobile? 

I started at Heras Mobile via a recruitment agency in Eindhoven. They asked me to work on a project for Heras BV. This project involved integrating a new brand in the Heras organisation. 

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I used to be just like all other children in wanting to be a fireman or a teacher. When I was at secondary school I discovered my love of numbers. So, that was also the reason for my interest in bookkeeping and administration. 

How did you end up becoming an administrator? 

Actually, it was due to my interest at secondary school; in finance, and not so much the commercial side, but more in the registration and mathematical side of things. By the way, Sudoku also happens to be my favourite puzzle. 

How does your working day begin, what do you do first?

I start my working day with a cup of coffee! No, in fact I start the day by making a day plan. Finance often involves a set of deadlines that can be managed with your daily activity. 

What is your routine during the working week? 

The usual. I’m at work and there are the normal activities. On top of that, you also try and offer support to every discipline in the organisation. Being in Finance, we often have a deeper knowledge of Excel and other applications that we typically use. Therefore, Finance is the first line of support to resolve any problems. We also look for ways in which the rest of the company can benefit from the programs that we use. In addition to these activities I’m also a member of the staff representative team.

“We realize our own value and appreciate the value of others.”
How do you think your colleagues would describe you? 

In our team, we’re pretty open and critical and honest with each other. I also think that we realise our own value and appreciate the value of others.  

With which colleagues would you like to trade places for a day and why?

I think that I’d enjoy working in the factory for a day. So, purely hands on. Briefly escaping all the difficulties with numbers and other stuff. On the forklift truck or working with the fencing machine. Not for too long, just a day would be fun.

Heras Locatie
“I think that I would enjoy working in the factory, so purely hands on"
What is your loveliest memory of Heras Mobile to date?

After 10 years there are so many, but the things that really stand out are the strategic meeting weekends. That’s when the entire company goes out on site for a day or day and a half. We’re updated on what happened over the past year and given a view of the coming year. There are also some team building and informative activities. 

‘’Things that really stand out are the strategic meeting weekends’’
Why are you so good at your job?

When you’ve done it for so long you gain a certain amount of experience and then you can rely on your experience a lot. New developments also cover a wider context, which you try and take in.

Finally: describe what Heras Mobile means to you in three words. 

For me, Heras Mobile is: Social when it can be, strong when it needs to be.