Mobile Fence M70 + Hook & Eye

Light, durable temporary fencing!

Mobile Fence M70 + Hook & Eye
Mobile Fence M70 + Hook & Eye-1

A solid yet light mobile fence

The galvanised Heras M70 temporary fencing has a manual weld and thick zinc layer to ensure a longer lifespan. Slightly less material is used compared to our other galvanised temporary fencing, which makes it lightweight temporary fencing with a very pleasant price-quality ratio. The temporary fencing can be fitted with a hook-eye coupler so the fences can easily be set up quickly in a straight line. We recommend you always connect the temporary fencing with Heras couplers.

  • Hand-welded and galvanised
  • Long lifespan
  • Lightweight

Mobile fence with maximum lifespan

All our temporary fencing is galvanised to protect the fences against corrosion, i.e., rust. For galvanised temporary fencing, the materials are first welded by hand to form a temporary fence. The temporary fencing pieces are then taken to the galvanising plant to be treated with a layer of zinc after pre-treatment. The weld seam and zinc layer are thicker compared to pre-galvanised temporary fencing, which makes the weld connection stronger, protecting the temporary fencing against weather influences for longer. The average lifespan of galvanised temporary fencing is therefore considerably longer.

  • Art.: C1900000
  • Height: 2000 mm
  • Width: 3500 mm
  • Mesh opening Height: 300 mm
  • Mesh opening Width: 100 mm
  • Package quantity: 74
  • Weight: 16 kg
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Mobile Fence M70 + Hook & Eye

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Mobile Fence M70 + Hook & Eye

Light, durable temporary fencing!