Crush Barrier M135 - 16 bars

Lightweight pedestrian barrier

Crush Barrier M135 - 16 bars
Crush Barrier M135 - 16 bars-1
Crush Barrier M135 - 16 bars-2
Crush Barrier M135 - 16 bars-3
Crush Barrier M135 - 16 bars-4

Fixed leg pedestrian barrier

Our round top pedestrian barriers are made from a solid tubular structure making it an robust pedestrian control system. The fixed leg barrier benefits from a domed feet for greater crush resistance, the flat baseplate option helps to minimise trip hazards. Perfect for pedestrian control at leisure or sporting events, this product can be quickly installed and is ideal for marking out walkways.

  • Sturdy tubular barrier
  • Robust pedestrian control
  • Easy hook and eye installation
  • other colours available

Pedestrian barriers

Low fences for people and traffic. Partitions for keeping (larger groups of) people at a distance and for guiding traffic. Heras Mobile offers you 1-meter-high mobile fences, barriers and barricades. Please aks our team for other options for the right crowd control. Our system are available in other colours.

What are pedestrian barriers?

Pedestrian barriers are low fences that are used at small and large events to guide groups of people to the desired location. For example, at a parade, demonstration or event. Pedestrian barriers are also used to (temporarily) cordon off roads. Pedestrian barriers provide clear separation lines and ensure extra safety. Pedestrian barriers are mainly made of aluminium and/or galvanised steel.

  • Art.: C3600001
  • Height: 1100 mm
  • Width: 2300 mm
  • Package quantity: 25
  • Weight: 11 kg
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Crush Barrier M135 - 16 bars

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Crush Barrier M135 - 16 bars

Lightweight pedestrian barrier