Heras has a inspiring story

Since its establishment in 1952, Heras has been a stable company. In 1999, the specialists in temporary fencing and enclosures (Heras Mobile) were separated from the specialists in permanent fencing and enclosures (Heras BV). Temporary security is its own specialism and requires even more direct customer contact and lightening-fast logistics and assembly. Heras Mobile and Heras BV are now two independent companies. Like brother and sister, members of one in the same family. Read more about our inspiring history and our innovations.

It all began in a barn.

On 1 April 1952, Frans Ruigrok, the son of a blacksmith, started an enterprise called Hekwerk Industrie Eindhoven in a barn. Ruigrok was the first to opt for standardization and serial fencing production. In 1958, he changed the name to Heras. As another first in the industry, Ruigrok hung a Heras sign on each fencing panel. A brilliant, yet simple, solution for free name recognition.

The first construction fence in Europe.

Milestones in the 1960's included passing the turnover threshold of 1 million guilders (in 1960) and the move to Oirschot (in 1966). By that time, Heras was already active at the national level. In 1966, Heras launched the first European construction fence on the market. That mobile fence was still made of netting. Between 1968 and 1970, branches were opened in Belgium and Germany.

Largest renter of mobile fencing

There were also breakthroughs in the 80's. Stadium barriers and systems for access control came in response to the advancing tide of football vandalism. Heras developed ‘green’ fencing for environmental enclosures and provided security for countless correctional facilities in the Netherlands and Germany. In 1986 Heras became part of the publicly traded CRH PLC. In 1989 the first welded mesh construction fencing was introduced to the market. In 1992 Heras started renting temporary mobile fencing. Since 2019, the organisation has been part of Equistone Partners Europe.

History Heras Mobile Fencing & Security

From fencing to outdoor security

The beginning of the 21st century, especially after the attack on the WTC, marks a reversal in the conventional thinking: owners of high-risk premises and valuable objects are demanding an integral solution for their outdoor security. 2007 saw another first for the construction sector: Electronic Construction Site Security Systems (EBB - Elektronische Bouwplaats Beveiliging). Heras completed the largest and most complex assignment yet for the harbour complexes of Exxon Mobil in Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Sustainable innovation

As the first in the sector, Heras earns the CO2 Awareness Certificate. And still in development are fencing solutions ranging from the generation of energy to the neutralization of nitrogen and even communication. For temporary locations, plug-and-play sliding and rotary gates have become the industry standard. Mobile, full-height turnstiles make it possible to implement a system for registering persons with automated linkages. Heras Mobile acquires the exclusive rights to the Noise Control Barrier. Heras Mobile occupies a robust market position in 21 European countries and in the United States, Canada and the Middle East. Read more about our sustainable initiatives in our blog posts.