The building site in 2021

The standard solutions that Heras 2021 offers for securely and safely fencing off a building site.

The building site in 2021
- Stef Manders
from Combinatie Strukton den Ouden

The Combinatie Strukton-Den Ouden works on the Corio-Glana project in south Limburg. The project name comes from the Latin name for Heerlen-Geleen. The project is redeveloping the Geleenbeek valley. It is a remarkable project that goes beyond the nature restoration of the brook. It also develops the six different landscape types that cover a route of about 20 kilometres.

At the start of the work, a 2.5 km mobile fence on blocks, Noise Control Barriers, and sliding gates was opted for. In the second phase, another 1 km of mobile fence will be added. 

  • The Noise Control Barriers are rented and are used to limit any nuisance to local residents.
  • The mobile fences are also rented. These are placed on blocks and at places where no noise control barriers are attached to the fences. Every third fence was buttressed with a strut.
  • A swing gate was not an option for this site. It is very important that the line could be closed off properly. The M500 sliding gate was the option chosen. It’s a perfect stable solution to close off the fencing line.

You could say that this site sets the new standard for fencing, protecting, and securing your building site. It consists of superior mobile fencing, accessories for stability, security, safety, clearly visible access, and NCBs to limit the noise nuisance.

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