1,400 metres of mobile fence in blocks

Delivered and assembled in record time by Heras

1,400 metres of mobile fence in blocks
- Stef manders
from Strukton

Strukton has started the 40-million-euro modernisation of the Prinsenbosch asylum seekers’ centre in Gilze. The extensive renovation of the asylum seekers' centre made it into the media several times in 2019. The renovation aims to connect the terrain of this former World War II army camp and connect it ecologically with the surrounding area. At the same time, there is more light and air and recognition for residents.

Proper cordoning off is needed to renovate, make sustainable, and redesign the homes in this project. Heras installed 1,400 metres of mobile fence on blocks to ensure the project could be carried out securely, safely, and undisturbed. The houses being renovated are fenced off. Every third fence installed by the Heras technicians were fitted with a strut for more stability and safety.

This simple but effective way to create a pathway was opted for. There is plenty of space at this location. Moreover, the outer perimeter of the terrain is already permanently fenced off. This makes it sufficient to create access for each home under renovation using mobile fences with a wheel and hinge.

It was decided to purchase the fences because the project is for a longer period.

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