Transport and storage

Logistical services

Heras Mobile – the name says it all – must excel at logistical services. Without the highest consistent quality in this area, we cannot justify our business. In other words, agreements are agreements: speed, flexibility and accuracy for all deliveries. And that is why you run into the successful results of our logistical processes all over Europe and beyond.

Optimisation of the logistical chain

Heras Mobile makes substantial investments in system optimisation of its logistical chain. When it comes to safety, in particular, there is no room for error.

Customer- and country-specific

Deliveries are standard (and almost always from stock) or specific to country and/or customer. Global deliveries are possible; large-volume sea shipping containers regularly sail to Canada and Central America. Closer to home, you can also come and pick up your materials yourself.

Transport Heras temporary fencing

Close-knit and robust dealer network

Spread throughout the European mainland, we work together with carefully selected dealers. They are familiar with our products and endorse our pursuit of impeccable quality.

Storage and transshipment

For a broad outline of the options regarding stock control and delivery, take a look at this informative animation.

Safe loading and unloading

Instructions for safe loading and unloading can be downloaded here.