Budget Mobile Fencing

The basic model

For locations with a low risk profile. Excellent for ‘single’ use. A starter's model mobile fence but, of course, it remains a real Heras.

Download the Heras Mobile Fencing & Security Product Brochure:

Download the Product Brochure

Budget Mobile Fencing variants & specifications

Mobile Fence M350

This mobile fence is suitable to be used as simple and effective fencing for site.

The functional and expedient budget solution from Heras. Developed for setting up boundaries on a budget. Excellent temporary fencing with sufficient security in locations that do not pose a significant risk. The deliberately wider mesh size makes it cheaper, but also easier to climb over. This temporary fencing combines functionality and ease of use. One person can (dis)assemble this fence easily.


  • Package quantity : 84


Installation instructions


Mobile Fence M350

Mobile Fence M350

Mobile Fence M350

Mobile Fence M350

The basis for a closed line of construction fencing

The budget construction fences can be quickly installed in a traditional concrete block or in a sustainable plastic block. A standard clamp ensures a sturdy connection. To create openings in the fencing line, we advise wheeled hinges. The passageway is secured at night with a mobile fencing lock.