A safe sporting event with crowd control barriers

Every year, many sporting events take place in every country, outside the regular sports competitions. These include the big crowd-pullers like the Berlin or New York Marathon, European Championship, or World Cup Football, or even the Olympic Games. But smaller, national events are often also well attended. Organising such a sporting event involves a lot of work. What should not be missing is the determination of the objective, target group, catering, and budget. Also bear in mind that crowd control barriers are needed to steer the sporting event in the right direction.  There is a lot of work to be done to ensure the safety of both visitors and athletes. How do you steer this in the right direction?

Posted on 29 May 2019 by Yves Spooren    ProjectbeveiligingRegelgeving & voorschriftenBouwhek mogelijkheden

Top eight most common construction site problems

Permits that are not forthcoming or theft of materials are just a couple of the construction-related problems that can cause you headaches. Familiarise yourself with the eight typical problems on the construction site that lead to frustrations and failure costs and the solutions to prevent them.

Posted on 24 May 2019 by Ruud Verhagen    ProjectbeveiligingRegelgeving & voorschriften

The right construction fence for your project

What do railway stations, events and long construction projects have in common? That’s right - with all three, barriers are often required for a variety of reasons. In the following blog post, the experts at Heras Mobile Fencing will tell you in the following blog post which construction fence is best suited for your personal project and will present to you the advantages and disadvantages of various construction fences.

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Proper use of noise control barriers

The season of street parties, open-air festivals, and parties is the best time of year for many. Long, lingering nights with friends, a delicious drink in hand and live music are simply part of summertime. Of course, noise control should not be missing either, so that there are no complaints from local residents. Besides open-air festivals, construction sites are just as delicate a situation in terms of noise, as they often attract unwanted attention from local residents. In this blog article about noise control and noise control barriers, Heras Mobile Fencing explains how and when to reduce noise.

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Construction fence in Berlin: This is how you secure your construction fence in the capital of Germany

Berlin - capital, federal state, and most populous city in Germany. Anyone who wants to drive through the city usually gets stuck in traffic. Long waiting times and nerves on edge are not uncommon here. One solution to the congestion problem is to switch to public transport or cycling. Yet, as soon as one problem is solved, a new one appears: Where do you park your bicycle in the crowded capital? To the annoyance of contractors, wheels are often tied to construction fences in Berlin. Naturally, this also causes displeasure and problems in other cities such as Münster, Hanover, Bremen, or Erlangen. This is especially the case if the mobile construction fence is to be relocated.

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