The right construction fence for your project

What do railway stations, events and long construction projects have in common? That’s right - with all three, barriers are often required for a variety of reasons. In the following blog post, the experts at Heras Mobile Fencing will tell you in the following blog post which construction fence is best suited for your personal project and will present to you the advantages and disadvantages of various construction fences.

Basic and Standard construction fences

These two construction fence models are the most cost-effective, and very simple and quick to set up. However, mobile construction fences are less stable, so they should be used exclusively for temporary purposes. By no means should Standard construction fences be used in an environment that carries many serious risks. Basic and Standard construction fences can very easily be climbed over with minimal climbing skills or easily
overturned. Therefore, if there is a high potential for danger, a more stable construction fence should definitely be used. Basic construction fences can be used to demarcate the road at an event, to close off a hazardous zone such as a wooded area and are also suitable for private purposes due to their low cost factor.

Event Construction Fences

These construction fences are particularly recommended for events of all kinds, but especially for music festivals, open-air concerts, or events with many visitors. The construction fence for events is particularly stable, as it has a welded frame and is therefore ideal for demarcating an area with thousands of people and increased potential for danger. In particular, music festivals are very dynamic, which is why the construction fence must withstand a lot. The special event fences are particularly well-suited to music events, as they can be combined with noise control barriers. The noise control barriers also serve as a screen and are therefore not only thanks to their noise-absorbing function, an excellent choice for a festival.

High-Security construction fence

Depending on the complexity of the construction project, it may take weeks or even months to complete a building. The construction site should be closed during the entire project to prevent vandalism and other unpleasant surprises. The High Security construction fence has a special anti-climb barrier, which protects against unwanted guests on the construction site and
prevents unauthorised entry to the property. The wire tips on the top of the construction fence as well as the close-meshed design, which makes it impossible to climb over the fence, provide reliable protection. The High-Security 500 is thus a stable construction fence that provides reliable protection - even against theft.
Furthermore, the fence can be used for all occasions where reliable protection is important, including in agriculture. The construction fence is perfectly suited to fencing in cows and protecting them from wild animals. Due to its stability, even livestock cannot break through the fence if it is fixed well.
The High-Tech Security construction fence can alternatively, with some panelling, be used to build a round pen. This is highly recommended for amateur riders, who do not want to spend much money on a professional riding fence.

No matter what construction fence you opt for, Heras Mobile Fencing offers a variety of solutions for temporary barriers at events, construction sites and much more. Here, quality and safety are always at the forefront.


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Posted by Olaf Rauschenbach on 12 March 2018