Proper use of noise control barriers

The season of street parties, open-air festivals, and parties is the best time of year for many. Long, lingering nights with friends, a delicious drink in hand and live music are simply part of summertime. Of course, noise control should not be missing either, so that there are no complaints from local residents. Besides open-air festivals, construction sites are just as delicate a situation in terms of noise, as they often attract unwanted attention from local residents. In this blog article about noise control and noise control barriers, Heras Mobile Fencing explains how and when to reduce noise.

Effectively reducing construction noise with noise control barriers

Noise control is a sensitive issue in many construction projects because in the worst case, excessive noise pollution can lead to discontinuation of the construction project, especially if too many local residents have already complained about the perceived noise. Since 1910, there have been general regulations on noise control, which must be complied with since then and are required by law. However, it always depends on whether the construction site is located in a residential or commercial area. Noise on a construction site can arise not only from the use of a jackhammer and compressor, but also from many other sources. Since a construction site is a hive of activity, a noise control barrier is also needed, for example, due to loud workers and construction site radios. Once noise control barriers have reduced construction noise, local residents are also satisfied again, and nothing stands in the way of the construction project anymore.


Noise control makes for a successful festival

Noise control is also an absolute must at many events, such as open-air concerts or open-air parties, so that local residents do not feel disturbed. When planning an open-air event, several interests must always be taken into account. It is not always easy for event organisers to find a compromise between the audience’s desire for loud music and the local residents’ need for quiet. At a concert, volume levels up to 100 dB may occur. This corresponds approximately to the volume of a chainsaw, a jackhammer, or a loud thunderstorm. However, since the noise control barriers absorb and reduce some of the sounds, the noise is diminished. A good noise control barrier can already lead to more tolerance and goodwill among the residents and make the open-air event more pleasant for both sides.

Noise reduction through noise control barriers

In addition to bicycles, vandalism and theft, loud noise is a problem on many construction sites in the city. To ensure that your construction site will not be closed due to the noise, that you will receive no complaints and that your workers will be protected against loud devices, we recommend our noise control barriers. These also function as additional privacy screens and reduce construction site noise by at least 20 decibels.

Noise control barriers are therefore versatile and can easily help event organisers and builders combine their project with the interests of local residents. Heras Mobile Fencing offers easy-to-assemble noise control barriers that reduce the noise level by about 20 dB. Whether it is a construction site or open-air party, roll on the next project!



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Posted by Olaf Rauschenbach on 05 March 2018