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Renting or purchasing a fencing

Fencing comes in different types and sizes. The large assortment sometimes makes it difficult to make a choice. If you cannot see the wood for the trees, you should consider what your fencing will be used for. For example, safety, security, or as an enclosure, or you want to fence off a building site. And, possibly just as important: are you going to rent or purchase fencing?

Posted on 14 August 2019 by Joost van der Pas    Fencing opportunities

Noise reduction with event fencing

The number of events being held worldwide continues to increase each year. Research has now clearly demonstrated the public, social, economic and cultural importance of these events (including tourist, promotional, and recreational events). Everyone loves a good party. However, in addition to your event creating a festive mood for your visitors, how they experience their environment is also important. How do you limit the noise nuisance for local residents? Professional event fencing can help to make your event a success for everyone.

Posted on 18 July 2019 by Joost van der Pas    Working safely & sustainablyFencing opportunities

The Fence Lifting Tool: the most convenient tool for fences

The paperclip. Velcro. The Post-It Note. All ‘accidental’, simple inventions about which everyone thought at the time of their introduction, why didn’t we think of this before… Think of those seemingly simple solutions that really make life easier. Heras Mobile has added a tool to this category: the Fence Lifting Tool. Justifiably the most convenient tool for fences.

Posted on 20 June 2019 by Joost van der Pas    Project security Fencing opportunities

Supplying and installing 11 km of mobile fencing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol - a routine job

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, one of the world’s busiest airports, is constantly in motion. Day and night, aircraft depart and there are people at work; each year, approximately 58 million passengers travel via Schiphol. To be able to transport everything and everyone, there were as many as 450,679 aircraft movements on six take-off and landing strips in 2015. It is no wonder, therefore, that landing strips are now under maintenance.

Posted on 20 June 2016 by Joost van der Pas    Project security