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Sustainability is both an ethical and a commercial obligation. Implementing sustainability is therefore a matter of ‘just doing it’ and pulling up our sleeves together. Sustainability is added value. We are proud of the fact that we are the sector's trendsetter in this area.

CO2 Aware: leaders in construction

Our headquarters are in the Netherlands and, there, our sustainability initiatives are of primary importance. Reed more about our sustainable initiatives in our blog posts. Click here

Lean and Green Personal Mobility Award

Heras Mobile is one of 400 Dutch companies that has been awarded the Lean and Green Personal Mobility Award from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. Recipients of this award commit to reducing their CO2 emissions by at least 20% within five years.

Making production more sustainable

The Noise Control Barrier is perhaps the best example of an integrally sustainable product. This quilted tarpaulin, which can be attached to our mobile fencing, absorbs up to 20dB of noise. Contractors are always happy with less racket in the area and with better protection for their own employees. The filling inside the Noise Control Barrier is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Working together with suppliers and customers

For greater reductions in our CO2 emissions, energy consumption and waste streams, we are emphatically cultivating collaborations with suppliers and customers. What we can do ourselves, we do. Our headquarters is 100% climate-neutral. Factories are well-insulated and equipped with LED lighting. And to raise awareness internally, we also promote the use of hybrid vehicles.

Responsible company

We also evaluate our processes based on their effects on the community. We are happy to work together with a sheltered workshop for people who are removed from the labour market. With extra supervision and minor adaptations, they perform outstanding work. Wherever possible, Heras Mobile supports local initiatives and events.

Heras and Sustainability from HerasMobileFencing

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