Durable and personalized fences made within an instant in a flexible production process

HERAS Mobile Fencing & Security manufactures its standard types of fences in a fully automated production process. This fully automated production process brings many advantages, which we have listed below: 

High output on a flexible machine

Because the production process is fully automated, and the production runs 24 hours a day, five days a week, there is a high output of the standard HERAS fences. The machines that weld the fences together are flexible in production, resulting in significantly reduced changeover times. For example, a production machine does not have to be shut down and converted when the type of fence is changed. Adding the raw materials to the production process has also been automated. Consequently, HERAS can produce building fences to the specific wishes of the customer within short lead times. And if you want your nameplate on the fence, that's no problem, as this is also automatically controlled inline in the machine.

Use of 'state of the art' welding technique

In the production process, a modern welding technique called resistance welding is used for welding the frame of the fences together. By sending a high electric current through the metal tubes, the material is fused together to form a solid structure. No extra material needs to be added. This technique ensures that the risk of weld tearing or breaking is practically non-existent.

Optionally, corner pieces can be placed in the corners of the frame. These corner pieces provide extra strength and make the fences even more durable. The corner pieces are welded into the frame using the same modern welding technique.

A force test for all fences

In the production process, each fence is subjected to a force test: the machine pulls the frame apart at the corner points with a force of 500kg. If it is the case that a fence snaps, the parameter can easily be adjusted so that this does not occur again.

A unique code for each fence

After the fences have gone through production and passed the force test, each individual fence gets a unique code. This enables HERAS to handle complaints as efficiently as possible.

All standard construction fences in a jiffy

HERAS builds all standard construction fences with this fully automated production process. Within the range of standard fences, there is still a wide range of possibilities. For example, one can choose a different pipe thickness or mesh size. Also, one can opt for the newer round top fences.

And, as mentioned before, one can easily add personalized nameplates with the customer's logo.

By fully automating its production and investing in a more flexible production machine and a more extensive machine park, HERAS Mobile Fencing & Security can now deliver a larger output and respond faster to customer demand.