We look beyond the boundaries of our temporary perimeter protection

"There is a lot going on in the field of sustainability and it is a subject in which one can lose the overview very quickly. But sustainable business is also about 'just doing it' and rolling up your sleeves together. At Heras Mobile, we take our responsibility when it comes to CSR. We do this out of intrinsic motivation, not because we have to. Our people are the capital of our company and corporate social responsibility demands a lot from our employees. We therefore attach great importance to good working conditions, a good working atmosphere and a safe environment. This creates an organisation of individuals who share a common concern and strive to make a difference".

Leaders in a sustainable construction market - our mission

Organizations are facing major social issues, such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and an increasing level of resource scarcity. At Heras Mobile, we take responsibility for addressing these challenges. We believe in our own strength to contribute to societal issues in the ethical, social or ecological field based on our core qualities. 

Heras Mobile stands for open communication, honesty and transparency. We do business in ways that is reliable, entrepreneurial and innovative with eye for and on human capital. Within these core values we embrace the triple bottom line framework of People, Planet and Profit

As a global organization, we believe that a safe working and living environment with an eye for the future is necessary in order to have a carefree life. Naturally, our temporary security solutions contribute to this. We look beyond the boundaries of temporary perimeter protection and work in a way that is sustainable and justifiable for people and the ecosystem, for current and future generations. This way Heras Mobile operates within the space of climate and environment.

Serious global challenges in this area require a serious approach. Due to the current discrepancy between slower legislation and faster forms of opinion, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to perform effectively and sustainably. That is why we work with our partners as closely as possible and motivate others to participate in socially responsible business operations. 

By minimizing the impact on relevant ecosystems, we can overcome the challenges we face. Only then we can protect what is truly important. Together we create future prospects for both the current generation and the next.

Read about our Green Key Initiatives and our Green Journey 2021-2025.

Our headquarters are in the Netherlands and, there, our sustainability initiatives are of primary importance. Reed more about our sustainable initiatives in our blog posts. Click here. Or send your question to

Making production more sustainable

The Noise Control Barrier is perhaps the best example of an integrally sustainable product. This quilted tarpaulin, which can be attached to our mobile fencing, absorbs up to 20dB of noise. Contractors are always happy with less racket in the area and with better protection for their own employees. The filling inside the Noise Control Barrier is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

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